Panel Board Ampere Meter [1][2]





Types of these models are rating current type, armature type and armature coil type

. And unlike the armature type, rating current type can indicate the value of the current under small load


  1. For ampere meter to be used for motor, the extension scale is indicated with red color as much as 150-500% of the rating current, and it prevents the impact of the initial current and extends the life of the ampere meter.
  2. Current transformer shall be attached to outside when AC ampere meter used, and before use, check the maximum value of the ampere meter and the consistency of the first current of current transformer for the meter.
  3. Shunt shall be attached to the outside when DC ampere meter is used, ad check the consistency of the full scale(50.60mV)of the ampere meter and the second voltage of the shunt. Also, check the consistency of the maximum value and the first current of the shunt.