Panel Board Watt Meter & Var Meter
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Var Meter Specification
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This meter is used for measuring the active power and reactive power and is of rating current type, and each transducer is attached to the outside of all models


  1. For calculation of the maximum scale of the reactive meter, 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 of the total load capacity is the best.

  2. If reactive meter is to be used instead of the power factor meter, set the zero point at the center, LAG on the right side and the LEAD on the left side.

  3. If more than 440V is used, PT for the meter shall be attached to the outside for use.

    Full scale of Vott meter 300 KW
    PT. ratio. 3300/110V
    CT. ratio. 50/5A(3P 3W)
    Calibrating watts =
    300KW/(3300/110V*50/5A)=1 KW

    Full scale of wattmeter 2000KW
    PT. ratio. 13200/110V
    CT. ratio. 50/5A(3P 4W)
    Calibrating Watts =
    2000KW/(13200/110V*50/5A)=1.666 KW